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I was scrolling down my Facebook timeline last weekend when I came across these three images on my timeline.




My heart started racing, sweat trickled down my face and I suddenly felt hundreds of butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

No, I wasn’t sick, just excited because we all know FOOD IS LIFE!

Could I have been dreaming? Had I woken up in a beautiful alternate universe where Burgers were 50% off on a Saturday afternoon??? I was determined to find out and accompanied by my good friend Olive, we set out to Java House at Valley Arcade.

I was scheduled for a photoshoot later on with amazing photographer and cool person, Sarah Marie aka @lafrohemien (which I will tell you all about later on) so that burger lunch was a necessity, you know, for energy… and stuff.

The decor at the Java House in Valley Arcade is beautiful and provides the perfect setting for a relaxed sunny afternoon plan.
We were lucky enough to sit at the far end of the outdoor patio which was a very good thing because the rush of waiters in any food establishment tends to make me anxious and distracted.
Our orders were taken and thank God for our waitress because he was super fast with the drinks (asante sana boss if you’re reading this, you will be employee of the month this month IJN)

I had an amazing chilled Strawberry lemon cocktail which tasted like heaven while Olive had a mint pineade.

DSC_0001 DSC_0006

Shortly after, our food arrived.


First and foremost. 5/10 for presentation… I get that we were there for meals that were half price but seriously?? Guys! I had to arrange those fries for this picture and that was such a low moment for me because I never thought I would be that chick… Posing food for wheeet???

We dag into our meals and although I was initially disappointed by the presentation, I really enjoyed my meal. Oh man, a burger is a burger and no weapon formed against it shall ever prosper.

The bread used by Java House is so soft and delicious and the chicken was perfectly grilled, tender and moist enough to make my day. (Chicken is Life too! Weeee Don’t get me started)

Om nom nom!

We definitely left that place satisfied!

olivekarmen Lyraoko

I am no foodie but I urge you all to get a burger from Java today.


Love and light!

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6 thoughts on “Java House 50%”

  1. OH MY GOSH. Currently have a few tears in my eyes cuz I missed this. I want to cry so bad yo. I’m tryna remember what the heck I was doing on the 14th, it obviously wasn’t as important as this. Java House burgers are just yesssss. “No weapon formed against it shall prosper” Im DEAD. I’m going to have to ask you to STOP with the jokes! please and thank you.

    1. Hahaha I don’t know if it’s just me but food actually tastes better when it’s cheaper!! I’ll post about it before it happens next time so you don’t miss out. I love that you actually get my humor. IT WON’T STOOOOOOP!! Hahaha Thank you so much for reading 🙂

  2. You know I first thought the 14th was this saturday so in my head I was screaming happily planning who I wanted to go with… until I realized it had passed *insert a hundred crying face emojis here*.. But Java should seriously thank you for this review. If I was new in this city Java would be the first place I’d try because of this.

    1. Oh maaaan!! I apologize for that!! I just slapped myself on your behalf (very very lightly 🙂 for leading you on!! *pats your back* Everything will be okay. Don’t worry.
      I will definitely post about it earlier next time. Thank you for reading and appreciating this post 😀

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