Fundimentals Media Launch

Hello loves! Today’s post is basically a diversion to my friend and blogger Jayson Mbogo’s awesome website image I recently accompanied him to an amazing private screening held at Imax for a Kenyan film titled ‘Fundimentals’ I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about the film at first because they had labelled it as an adult film and you know how strange we Africans look kissing on screen! image I was however pleasantly surprised by the great production and the multiple humorous moments the film was fortunately jam packed with. image It was also equally jazzing that I was watching a locally produced film at IMAX! The reason for the diversion however is because I had an emergency to attend to halfway through the film (<3) so I will let you all read a more subjective and detailed review by Jayson. (Who is such an awesome sauce individual btduuubz! )  Plus I highly encourage you all to show up at the premiere and support OUR OWN FILM INDUSTRY. Afro Sinema tuache 2015 😀 image Love and light beautiful people… Below is the link to the post! Fundimentals Movie Review By Jayson

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