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For You is a Chinese restaurant that is located in Lavington area. The restaurant which initially started out at a small house near Kileleshwa has since expanded and currently has two existing branches.

Confession time: I used to be a regular at the restaurant until I made the conscious decision to start eating healthier this year. Those finger-licking Chinese meals just had to be excluded from my diet in a bid to lose some weight and consequently live longer. (The struggle! Waaaaaa!)

I threw all caution to the wind recently and indulged in a good and hearty meal courtesy of the restaurant. The experience brought on such wonderful memories of my momo days!! Oh my…

The dinner party I attended took place at their new branch opposite Valley arcade. The space was a definite upgrade from their previous (but still existing) branch. Not only was it more spacious but close attention had been paid to the decor which had an oriental theme and a random yet delightful artificial waterfall.

The glass of fresh juice which I ordered was sadly very sugary but I had to commend them for their quick service.

Also, their menu was similar to any Chinese menu you have ever come across. I really wished they would have made it a little bit more presentable (and pretty) but this post really isn’t about cute menus…


Their food was what was on my mind from the second I walked into the spot.

Oh boy did I eat…
Sweet and sour pork, Chinese fried rice, chicken wings, prawns, sizzlig beef, mixed vegetables…etc etc (I won’t add on to that in case you all judge)
The portions were more than enough and we all ate to our fill.



After the meal the restaurant offered our party free icecream and small gifts which we received with glee! (Kenyans and free things)

It was definitely a pleasant experience… Make sure you try the restuarant out whenever you are around Lavington area.

Happy Hump Day!!

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