Fashion High Tea 2015

Arriving at the Zen Garden Fashion High Tea was a very exciting moment. This was my first experience at the highly anticipated Fashion High Tea event and I was eager to see what was in store. All around me were beautiful people dressed to the tee and the lush rose flower filled Zen Garden provided the perfect setting for the day’s festivities. Everyone at the event looked polished and merry and one could easily tell that the crowd consisted of the crème of the society.

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The Zen Garden has been hosting the Fashion High Tea event for the past five years and this year’s edition was more than exceptional featuring top local and international design houses, as well as exclusive mini boutiques. Some of the participating design houses included Kenya’s Boutique Mahali, Bush Princess, Poetic Trends and Suave. In addition to this international design houses also got the chance to participate, Nigeria’s Needle Point, Dubai’s SSquare and Pakistan’s Shenu Hooda were some of the exquisite design houses that showcased their wares both on the runway and at various display stations.

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I held my head up a bit higher the second I entered the event as the spirit of prim and properness promptly entered me. All around me people drank, laughed, air kissed, smiled, hugged and I felt at ease because of the overdose of good vibes. The beautiful aura present at the venue really made me feel like I had been transported to a more colourful and fashionable Nairobi. The gorgeously crafted finger foods and drinks were on the house and mouth-watering delicacies and drinks flowed freely throughout the event.

After all the sushi was eaten and all the Prosecco bottles were drank, a portion of the ticket proceeds went to a charitable cause. This year the event raised money for the ‘I support my daughter Campaign’. The campaign which was selected by Caroline Mutoko aims to educate women in Samburu and is dependent on sponsorships as the local community attaches little value on girl child education.

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The Zen Garden Fashion High Tea truly was a remarkable event with a commendable cause and I look forward to attending it from now henceforth.

Below are some of the wonderful individuals that made it to my best dressed list. Feast your eyes on the amazing level of high fashion that was present at the Fashion High Tea 2015

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