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Whether you are being whisked off to the dizzy heights of Ngong Hills or easing yourself into an evening of glamour at a stylish hotel cocktail bar, a moment of pure escapism is easier to find than you think. Some people wait all their lives to experience epic moments outside of their usual (and usually boring) routines and thus never get to enjoy the beautiful wonders that exist all around them.

I was one of those people until Instagram and binge watching travel videos on Vimeo opened up a whole new world for me and consequently injected the seed of adventure in my heart.


I recently got the chance to visit Diani Beach on the South Coast of Kenya thanks to my sweety and superman Isaac. The experience was much needed and I was more than excited to get out of town for a few days. The thing about random holidays is that they never seem real or tangible until you finally reach your destination. Trust me, a girl was in denial about everything until the humid coast air hit my face like that Baltimore protester’s mother.


White beaches, sunny vibes, good food and blue skies were the order of the day and we got to experience the true spirit of Diani as only true wanderers could.


Seriously, whenever you get the chance to do so, talk to the locals. Ask for tips from your cab driver (tuk tuk driver), ask questions from people on the bus, and stop people on the street (politely of course) if you have to! People who are local to the area know all the secrets about where to go and what to visit.




Talking to the beach boys (Okay Isaac talked, I just stood there trying to grasp their fancy Kiswahili) revealed the true state of the Kenyan coast’s economy during off-peak season. Due to insecurity, many hotels and businesses (including the beach vendor’s selling pretty shells) have suffered due the low number of tourists in the town.



I felt as though I had contributed to a greater cause by simply being there. My weekend adventure was more than brilliant to say the least. You can understand why glancing over these images brings a tear to my eye right?


Tembea Kenya.


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