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Good morning watu wasupuu!!
I hope you are all doing great 🙂

I am sadly writing this post while nursing a **horrible** cold. Omg. I did not know such colds existed. My chest feels tight. My throat feels like steel wool. My nose keeps running. From what? God knows.

My dad is a doctor so I’m swimming in medicine. Hahaha junkie alert. Praying that I get well soonest 🙂


I visited the Electrique DJs studio to record a jam for their upcoming album yesterday. In case you don’t know about the eletrique DJs urm YOU SHOULD! These guys have redefined afro beats and taken the genre to a whole new level. I literally tripped out when I attended my first Electrafrique event. I was like baby Simba when he was being lifted at the cliff in Lion King (RIP Mufasa) It was such a cool experience and I would totally urge everyone to attend.

Their studio was as creative as I expected. Here are some of the pictures  managed to take during the session.






Long live music.
Chanting #AFRICA

Have a great day!

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