DIY: Ndebele Earrings

I’ve seriously run out of ways of greeting you all 😀

Soooooo just consider yourself GREETED!! (Waaaa as I massacre the English language :”-)

Salimikeni! (…and Kiswahili too :-D)

I made the coolest earrings yesterday and I just had to share them with you all.

My sister is an architecture student and there are usually so many random art tools in the house… You know a girl had to indulge o/
This particular design was inspired by the Ndebele tribe’s colourful art.

The image I had in mind when creating these was from the scene in the Khona video with the colourful traditional houses.
The vibrancy and vibe of those buildings make me happy everytime I watch that video and I found a way to recreate the look for myself.

Items needed
-White Mounting Board (Found at Text Book Centre for 200ksh for 50cm×50cm
-Protractor (From a geometrical set)
-Contact glue (Text Book Centre)
-Poster paints (Text Book Centre)
-Small and Medium sized Brushes
-2 Earring hooks (can be purchased in town but I reused some from an old earring set)

1. Cut out a 4cm circle on the white mounting board. (I used a protractor to make a perfect circle)

(4cm was what I used. The size can vary depending on how big you want your earrings to be)

2. Divide the circle into 4 sections and cut out 4 quadrants of similar sizes.

3. Stick the quadrants (with the contact glue) on top of each other as shown below to create a chandelier shape.
(I’ve lied about that shape though… Just imagine it 🙂


4. Pierce two holes through the boards. (This is where you will hook the earrings)

5. Draw an outline of the areas you will paint on.


6. Paint in the empty spaces with colours of your choice.


(I used this South African Necklace image for colour inspiration)

7. Paint the empty spaces and finally paint a thick black outline along the edges and the colour borders.



8. Hook the earrings in, wear them and flaunt your stuff honey!!



PS. These earrings are not to be worn on a rainy day
PSS. Do not say I didn’t warn you.

Thank you for reading 🙂
Siku njema!

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