Brianna McCarthy


I think that’s shortest greeting you guys have ever received from me since this blog began! Writing that felt soooo strange.



Much better right??!! 🙂 How are you all doing on this gorgeous Furahi day?? I was a little bit down last night but woke up feeling like Beyonce. Flawless! Life is really too short to sit around thinking of what could have been… Forge ahead! Think of the future and all the endless possibilities it holds for you! Looking back only causes useless anxiety and ain’t nobody got tiiiimeee for thaaaaat!

I stumbled across a beautiful Instagram user by the name of Brianna McCarthy who is based in Trinidad & Tobago. @macabrii is her official handle and she is the truest definition of an artist! I don’t know how I found her seeing as I was searching for healthy meal options the entire morning (#BeyonceBodyByDec) but stumbling across her page made my day and I was pleasantly surprised by her art.


Brianna’s pictures of women specifically remind me of a powerful Avatar-like tribe in the space filled with a strong, beautiful, colourful and unique race.


In addition to this, her drawings are raw and make you feel as if you were staring at the individuals she paints in person. Strong is an understatement to describe her work. She manages to draw you in to her art in the simplest and yet effective manner.




Check out more of the gorgeous Brianna’s work on her website today

Follow @macabrii on IG today and stay inspired.

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