Colour Shoot with Fadzai

When the lovely Fadzai contacted me for a shoot, her brief was simple. She wanted a very colourful shoot.

I knew I was the right woman for the job because I absolutely love incorporating bright colours and vibrant themes in my visuals. Fadzai had purchased a gorgeous fabric from a street market in Ghana for this shoot and it is probably the best backdrop I have ever used to date.

The fact that we also got to use gorgeous African patterns in the styling was like icing to an already lit cake and I marvelled at the pop of colour. The shoot session went well as we danced to Afrobeats and 90s music, vibed off each other and created magic.

@mdeizimakeup came through with the looks and accentuated Fadzai’s stunning features.

Shoot location : Photomagic Studio

Lighting Setup :

  • Two Octaboxes on C-stand 45 degrees to subject.
  • One beauty dish overhead of subject.


Results :

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