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Hello beautiful people! Your girl has been on a mission to discover all the international franchises that have popped up recently in the 254. My school term finally ended a bout a week agoooo (Shmurddaa dance) and I finally go the chance to visit one fine ice cream establishment based in the CBD known as Cold Stone Creamery. 

When I first heard about Cold stone the whole narrative about the place really sounded like a strange rumor to me. It was yet another brand I really had no idea about. (P.S If you are here thinking “YOU DIDN’T KNOW COLDSTONE?? YOU DIDN’T KNOW OCEAN BASKET?? hush already! I am a proud Mshamba! Ask any average American about Kosewe’s or Njuguna’s! If they know about them then maybe I’m on the wrong… if not PU! Shame on You!


So back to my Cold Stone Adventure! I honestly had to Google it first because the stories I had heard sounded a bit too far fetched! Glee-like Musical Scenarios while they served you?? In Kenya?? Get out!

An opportunity presented itself one idle Monday when my good friend Imelda and I made our way to the Mawe Baridi! <<< This was funnier in my head I promise))


We decided to go to the Cold Stone located in town because it was more accessible to the both of us than all their other branches. That was a decision we sadly regretted as soon as we walked in. That joint is small… too small to fully accommodate all the ice cream lovers that were streaming in by the second. The attendant assured us that our seats would be available in no time so we proceeded to take advantage of their ‘free icecream sampling’ claim which would enable us to make much wiser ice cream decisions. The variety of flavours that we were presented with was truly out of this world! Nothing excites me more than colour and flavour and Cold Stone definitely delivers on that front!



After that very exciting tasting process we went ahead and finally made our orders. Whereas Imelda had a simple Vanilla Ice cream serving, your girl went HAM and decided to get creative. My blueberry ice cream, MnM, Gummy Bears and Chocolate Chip combination was the bomb diggidy! I felt like Blue Ivy! (Royal) and my psyche for eating that ice cream was so intense I almost fell as I made my way to my chair. The first few bites were out of this world! Amazing! I truly felt like Katy Perry in the California Girls Music Video cast in an Ice cream Wonderland!



The tub I had selected was quite big for a non frequent ice-cream eater and by the time I ate that last gummy bear, I had a sugar/head rush from here to Timbuktu! How I walked out of that place was a serious miracle. Having avoided sugary foods for the last 6 months, that tub felt truly overwhelming. I thus came to the conclusion that Cold Stone was not for me!


I was there again this week this time with my friend Olive (Damn you Ice cream and your tempting ways!) but this time at the more spacious and airy Gigiri location. My selection was friendlier this time and I had a smaller tub which I thoroughly enjoyed plus THEY SAAAAANG!!!! OMG!!!!! I WAS SO EXCITED I ALMOST SANG ALONG!!! WAIT! I DID SING ALONG!!!!


They even remixed it! Aaaah such innovation! I guess it’s safe to say that I am going to be having a lot more ice cream from now on. Okay maybe until 2015 before I proclaim my fitness resolutions.

Hahaha get some today!

Thanks for reading!


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6 thoughts on “Cold Stone Creamery Nairobi”

  1. its proof Kenya is moving towards a larger middle class but I think Kenyans should start making their own brands . franchising is cute but personally I would like to see more money going into the Kenyan economy not the American one or which ever fancy brands exist. in the end we end up supporting some first world country while recently we were just upgraded into second world country. if there are any Kenyan brands we ought to support them , by doing so we can encourage diversity in business and we can grow as an economy and a nation. if the market exists why not start a brand that how all the Americans and south Africans are taking advantage. well that’s my random opinion aroused by your post. maybe you should find out how many international brands are in Kenya every mall you walk in how much of is it is Kenyan . i mean not just the workers but the brand and goods and services . its is a good thing for Kenya to become more international but we should also contribute the 254 aspect into it .

  2. They should increase or move the coldstone location in town,I have turned away so many times because I didn’t get sitting space

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