Hey hey hey superwoman and man,
This post is about colour! *splashes imaginary paint in your face*

Now that I’ve got your attention I will let you in on a little secret about me…

I… Lyra Aoko… am totally and utterly obsessed with Burgundy!!


This shade of red GIVES ME LIFE!!!
Z- formation snaps!!!

I was not sure about the name of the particular shade until a trip to Peter Marangi’s studio confirmed it for me.

Now I’m contemplating naming my first born child Burgundy!
Burgundy Onyango.
Burgundy McBrown.
Burgundy Njoroge
Burgundy Ukechukwu.
(I don’t discriminate. Lol)

I tried making a mood board with the colour and failed miserably so Google swooped in and saved the day! (True Google style)


>>> So so yuum!!

Check out this amazing colour in all its finesse…







I sourced a poem online that explains why this colour is so fascinating to me.
Don’t judge me…
We are married! 😀

Burgundy, the color of wine
and cashmere.
A noble stain, sweet and dark
like old music, enchanting yet haunting
or pages in a history book.
Deep purplish red, like old France
when the Louie’s were Kings
with deep capes of ermine and
coats of serious, glorious,
like time passing,
things ripening with age,
roughness becoming soft
and smooth,
like old memories
sweet and cherished, a bitter fragrance
all on its own
A rich man’s bedsheets, made of silk
dark and comforting,
A noblewoman’s rogue, daring
and the color on her lips, emphasizing white teeth
a tall chair by the fire
an honored usage, glowing in the light

-Elizabeth Shield

Have a fantastic Monday!

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