Blue Post Hotel – Thika (Video)

Hello lovely reader of the Cynosure Blog. How are you doing today? I know you are well because you are here (Yaaaas! Karibu! Karibu!)

Your girl was stuck in a rut the whole of last week because of my school’s inability to see the importance of a holiday after examinations. My mind, body and soul were not ready for education immediately after all that studying and I really struggled to get back into school girl mode. It also did not help that I had watched a bunch of travel videos immediately after my last exam and these definitely planted that seed of wanderlust in my heart. Trust me when I say that that seed had matured into a fully grown baobab Tree by the end of the week and I knew that I would not function fully if I did not leave the city.

When the word ‘Holiday’ comes to mind most people picture white sandy beaches, flights to Paris, partying in Nakuru, twerking with Rihanna in the Bahamas but that shouldn’t be the case. Holidays are breaks from the norm. Buying a bottle instead of a shot, wearing a skirt instead of tights and dancing instead of stunting inna di club club are all varied forms of holidaying!

I needed to leave the city and this beautiful urge led me and my superman, Isaac to the Blue Post Hotel in Thika.





waterfall 2

Watch the highlight video below…

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