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This is a very random but very important post to me.
I will make it short so that I don’t preach.
Loving how it’s already sounding like a freestyle.

I took a selfie yesterday!!!!!

That isn’t news Lyra Aoko, why are you wasting our time telling us this?

Well… the process of taking the selfie was what disturbed me.
I went towards the window to find the perfect lighting so that I could “see myself” while taking the photo.

100 photos later (hahaha don’t judge, tuko wengi) I settled for the prettiest one (to me) and quickly deleted the rest.
(Ladies why do we do this??)

While deleting some photos, I stumbled upon one photo which I surprisingly LOVED!!!!

I am saying surprisingly because it was really really really dark (I guess the sun set for two seconds while I was taking that particular picture)

Normally I would dismiss it. But I loved it.
I know this whole post sounds completely narcissistic and borderline vain.

I literally draw life lessons from everything.
(It can be a flaw especially when you’re trying to point out something deep to a completely oblivious person… But it has helped me through some tough times)

This was just a reminder from God that I needed to embrace my dark skin *even more* I will not delve into the politics of this post because I will sound like a drunk street preacher but I hope I have made sense in some way.

You can never be beautiful if you don’t embrace the beauty in you.




Black is beautiful.

Have a great day dolls!

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