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Warning: This is going to be an unashamed and unapologetic Beyonce worship post so if you are not down for the alpha Carter and ALL her amazing awesomeness… Girl BYE!!!


But if you love her as much as I do… Welcome, Welcome Home…*Hands you free Mojitos*


Aaaahhhh Where to begin!  Let’s just say that…

Not being Beyonce is a hard pill to swallow

Waaaaaa!! These sentiments have a source. I didn’t just wake up with a creepy grin on my face chanting her name… I promise!

I watched the 2014 MTV VMAS last night and died a thousand sweet deaths! Everything was choreographed and planned to perfection and I enjoyed every second of her performance…

This woman!

Let me start from the beginning and try to be as straight to the point as possible…
I have always loved Beyonce. From back in the day when she was a salonist in the bills bills bills video to her days as a warrior rebel soldier in Survivor to her catering to the world in the desert! Don’t even get me started on her live performances because that would require me starting a whole new blog on

She began her solo career and my life suddenly had meaning (beyhive united) She married Jay Z and her coolness literally tripled in my mind. She gave birth to Blue Ivy and she became the coolest mum in the world! (After my mum of course)

The surprise release of her self-titled album last year in December literally caused heart attacks all over the world! How did I learn all those songs in a week!!!?? 😀

Her instagram account confused me for sometime though because I couldn’t link this Sasha Fierce persona she had led us to believe she always was and the makeup less mysterious and quiet person she really was. The two versions of Beyonce didn’t match and my loyalty dwindled for a few weeks.



(Plus some of her outfit choices were a bit tooooo questionable… making me even more confused but I stayed strong and held on for dear life in the hive! … Hello Imelda:-)

Yesterday’s performance however made sense. It was deep because for the first time since I joined the beyhive, I got to see her blend these two sides perfectly…

Sasha fierce and Beyonce had finally merged in that emotional and super charged performance of her album. It helped that I knew all the songs too.
From the stage set up to the dancers to Jay z and blue Ivy handing her the award. It all came together in such a beautiful way. Sigh…






Amen and Amen!
Have a super Tuesday loves and Slay everything that you do today!
Like Bey would… Wooooosh!

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