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Greetings Human of The World,

Today is boxing day and I am hyped! Boom Boom Baby! The Christmas season always has me feeling some type of way! Love, happiness, joy, peace and all that jazz are always the order of the day (everyday) during the festive season and I totally thrive in such environments. My day yesterday was really beautiful to say the least, it was all about family, friends, laughter and most importantly…FOOD!

Hahahaha the scales will not be approached during this period I swear.

Today’s post is about a very lovely individual I got to work with recently. Her name is Angela Mwandanda aka Shinde and she is a Kenyan Artiste and Certified Superstar. Shinde was a member of the talented Kenyan Girl group Tattu and has managed to sustain a successful solo career since then.

She was lovely enough to call me to work on her portfolio for her upcoming music video (Which you should all look out for!!) and the experience was more than amazing!

Here are some of the pictures I managed to capture…

Angela Mwandanda Image 5

Angela Mwandanda Image 4

Shinde’s Beautiful face was enhanced by the talented Karen Macharia @facesbykarsha

Stay Blessed lovely people! The Countdown to 2015 is ON!

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