Anthony Wright

Hello hello Nataka kuongea na Mariko (or Lyra Aoko.) Tafadhali Dada (na Kaka)… Kweli hii ni wrong (right) number
*awkward silence*

(I swear the effort I put into these greetings scares me sometimes :”-)

I clearly remixed it like crazy but S/o to the people who still remember that song!! If she doesn’t… she’s too young for you bro 😀

Today’s post features a super talented instagram gem from America.

Let me start by telling three random facts about me… (So you can all understand the source of my obvious infatuation with this man)

I love dark skin.
I love flowers.
I love photography.

Today’s featured photographer always manages to seamlessly fuse all the above in a series of mindblowing images!

I swear!
Scrolling through his Instagram feed is like taking a walk in the park on a sunny day with a big tub of Galaxy Caramel icecream while listening to the Emancipation of Lauryn Hill!!

It’s just that good o/

His name is Anthony Wright.
@theoriginaltony on Instagram and we at Cynosure loooove his work to bits!!

Check out some of Anthony’s amazing images!




You can check out more of his work on IG…


Power to you!!!

Till next time.
Stay blessed lovely people.

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