Adi Dekel

Good morning beautiful ladies and gentlemen!

*hears crowd of superhumans shouting cheery greetings back at me*

*Smiles and waves

Thank you thank you!!

I have an amazing gem as the creative of the day and I think you will be pleased. Her name is Adi Dekel and she is an 18 year old photographer from Israel.


Adi can shoot and edit pictures to perfection. She is absolutely talented and her pictures are incredibly beautiful!

I stumbled across this particular gem on one of my IG Photography feeds and had to find out who the genius was behind the photo.


What I had initially thought to be a one in a million shot turned out to be just one in a seriesof equally amazing photographs.



Her Instagram has 9 photos in total but you know me… Digging is my middle name!
(Lyra Digging Aoko)
,thus upon further investigation *read:Google I discovered her Flickr and Facebook accounts.


Follow @_Adidekel on IG for more amazing work! Don’t say I didn’t tell you 🙂
P.s The colours and flowers did it for me! I really hope these images have the same effect on you all.

Love and light good people!
Love and excess light!

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