ADELE DEJAK | #MyHeartBeatsAfrica Media Launch

The leading luxury African accessories brand, Adele Dejak, recently held a fantastic media launch for their #MyHeartBeatsAfrica campaign. The campaign will see 10 amazing and unique African personalities ‘Campaign Ambassadors’, give an inside peak as to why their hearts beat for Africa.

Image by Nick Klaus

The event which was held at her flagship store at the Village Market saw a number of influential faces, fashion lovers, media personalities and cool kids gather to celebrate their love for Africa through style. The #MyHeartBeatsAfrica hashtag was created as a headline provoking all to come together in redefining the ideals of African identity with the hopes of igniting a significant revolution.


Adele Dejak invites anyone and everyone to join in the movement with a personal image that showcases their own idea of why their hearts beat for Africa.

Watch the Highlight Video from The launch below.

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