A J A L I (TALES OF A TROUBLED ROAD) by Neibaz Fashion House

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I had seriously missed talking to you guys… I had withdrawal symptoms for daaaaaays. A lot has happened since our last interactive blog post… The main thing being the completion of my undergraduate degree, can I hear a HALLELUJAH!!!! It really is a beautiful feeling. I cannot wait for my graduation ceremony in August.

Today I am going to highlight a very important issue and I hope you are all ready to listen and internalize everything I am about to say *fingers crossed*

Road Accidents are S$£tty and F$£%£%d up!


I said it!

Have you ever been involved in a near road accident before? Was it the scariest moment of your life? Did you feel your heart leave your body as if to say goodbye only for it to return and leave you wondering what you did to be unfortunate enough to be in that position?

The number of lives lost on our roads is overwhelming and disheartening to say the least, because road accidents are just that… accidents. It is however even more dire if the situation could have been avoided entirely.


The government is taking steps to curb road accidents in Kenya and shock tactics are one of the methods being used. Wrecked and damaged shells of cars involved in road accidents have been springing up in sections around the city. These shells are a sad reminder of the consequences of bad decisions made while on the road.

A couple of young men recognized the need for road safety on the road to be emphasised more. They conducted an impressive and unique photo shoot highlighting the need for people to be aware of their actions while driving.


Abraham Omuka (Kevo Abbra), Ismael Akuku and Haji Mutonye make the brains being Neibaz Fashion House. As a brand, Neibaz FHS primarily tells lifestyle stories through the lens of fashion and style projected from authentic unique visuals that generally come in the form of editorial style portraiture and documentaries

“On our current project A J A L I (TALES OF A TROUBLED ROAD)  we were concerned about the statistics that we are constantly reminded on our television and dailies about the loss of life on our roads.”


“This is the reason we decided to compile this editorial because for us, as style is personal to us, so is the safety of everybody around us. What we wanted to achieve with this was to remind ourselves and everybody that safety is our collective responsibility and we should all play our own small part. This almost came at perfect timing because as fuel prices have fallen by 25% internationally, that only means increased traffic and possibly more recklessness on the roads.


“Delivery is important to us, so in rendering this message, we decided to do what we do best and soak the road with our style as symbolic of the good lives that are lost yearly on the roads. This was also our way of paying tribute to great personalities in the realm of art, fashion, music who have been stolen from us through road carnage. We also took note of careless pedestrians who put their lives and those of motorists in danger by their utter neglect of traffic regulations. Where else to bring these things together in their entirety than where they actually happen? The road.

This concept is positively brilliant to say the least. With the help of Kenyan photographer Solomon also known as https://instagram.com/rootsofafrika/ on Instagram.

Neibaz Fashion House definitely left a mark with this.

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Be safe beautiful people.

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